3 Gadgets to Make Your Home Smarter

The world we live in today requires us to pay attention to more details than ever before. Luckily, as our to-do lists grow, technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. Regardless of whether you rent or own, your home is one place in particular creates a lot of expenses and requires maintenance. In the name of making our lives a little more streamlined, we started with taking a deeper dive into the smart home industry. These technologies allow us to make everyday tasks that involve our lives at home more efficient, saving us time and more importantly… money!

Here we profile a few of our favorite gadgets that can help make your life easier by making your home smarter.

  • HEATING AND COOLING:Nest Thermostat – This product is gaining a lot of momentum in the market (in fact, the Nest Thermostat is featured in our Carmel Valley custom home) because of the intuitive algorithm that learns when you typically come and go so it can adjust when to turn on and off. Not only that, but it helps you into a more efficient heating and cooling routine by providing reports on your energy usage.
  • LIGHTING: Stack Alba LED Lightbulbs– These lightbulbs are a game-changer. These responsive bulbs adjust their brightness and color temperature according to factors in the environment like existing light and climate. They also don’t require the flip of a switch or even a button on your phone because they are motion sensitive.
  • IRRIGATION: Rachio Iro SprinklerIf you happen to be living in California, this is a big one. Rachio Iro is a smart sprinkler system that saves water by knowing and adjusting to your surrounding climate and weather predictions. It also uses advanced technology to ensure maximum absorption of the water used.

Making your home a money saver doesn’t have to happen all at once, but slowly introducing these products and others into your home can get you started!