5 Creative Ways to Make Open Houses Rock

Open houses are one of the most important pieces of the real estate puzzle. Clients and prospective clients receive a first-hand look at the property so they are able to walk around, touch, smell and imagine themselves living in that environment. There are as many ways to plan an open house as there are stars in the galaxy but most agents understand the basics. Making sure the property is tidy and smells like fresh baked cookies are great starting points, although, there are a few things that can help sway opinions and make it easier to attract the perfect client. Here are five things agents can do to get more creative with your next open house.

  • Incorporate Social into Signing In: Don’t just announce your open house on your social media networks… get your visitors involved as well! When you arrive at your open house, create a location on Facebook that includes your name and OPEN HOUSE. Then encourage your visitors to check in when they arrive, even if you have to use an incentive to do it. This is a great way to get your name and open house location out into other networks.
  • Go Local: Feature interesting and unique items associated with the neighborhood in which your home is located. Try having a local bakery’s sweet treats available to visitors as they walk through. Highlight art from local artists on the walls. These things serve as talking points while bringing light to all the neighborhood has to offer.
  • Host a Party: Is your open house made for entertaining? Roll out the red carpet and host an evening event to really showcase the selling points of the home. Holding an open house during off hours can also attract a different crowd of people that might otherwise be unavailable.
  • Get the Word Out: Start generating buzz for your open house in new ways. Market your home with a colorful description and professional photos on social media outlets, local coffee shops, neighbors of the home, and people within your sphere of influence.
  • Offer incentives: Go beyond the typical bottle of water and cookie approach. Get a group of neighborhood kids together to offer visitors a free car wash, or host a barbecue with burgers and hot dogs if there is a back yard to brag about. Make an impression on the people walking through your open house and focus on showing them the lifestyle that comes with the home.

If you are interested in more ideas for your next open house or if you would like to learn about real estate and sales strategies then visit the Canter University page. It is a free comprehensive educational program for all agents to learn and work on their trade.

We’ve also provided another useful tool for agents to distribute to clients who are selling their home. Click below for a helpful move-out checklist full of excellent reminders that can simplify the moving process.