So the Federal Reserve Raised Rates…Now what?

While the Federal Reserve did raise the federal funds rate by .25% today they also laid out a plan to gradually raise rates over the next year and beyond. It is good to take a look at how the current interest rate hike impacts consumers and how you can plan for future hikes.

How does this affect consumers?

  • A $25,000 auto loan will now cost about $3 more per month
  • A 30 year home loan will cost about $15 more per month per $100,000 borrowed
  • Deposit accounts will gradually pay higher rates, but typically do not move as quickly as credit rates
  • Historically stocks have done well leading up to an interest rate increase and in the year following

What can we do?
Plan, plan, plan!

Seldom do we get such a clear plan of when the Federal Reserve intends to raise rates.

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