Your Financial To-Do List

Your Financial To-Do List

8 Essentials to consider yearly

Managing your finances can be an overwhelming task, but is critical when it comes to maintaining your financial health.  As your life evolves, so does the extent to which you need to keep track of your financial health.

In an effort to make this less of a “to-do” – we have compiled a list that covers key areas you should be considering throughout the year. For instance, consider your major TRANSACTIONS in the last year. Did you (or will you) sell any real property this year? Start a business? Receive a bonus? Sell an investment held outside of a tax-deferred account? These moves may have an impact on your taxes and you need to think about them beyond just when tax season rolls around.

It is sometimes a challenge to really understand what each of the items mean and their overall impact.  We believe these are important topics to review annually to help maximize your situation.  The good news is that our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals customize a plan based around how each of these items specifically relates to you.

Download our entire Financial To-Do List and give your financial health a check-up today! If you think you can benefit from diving even deeper into a financial plan, contact our advisors today!

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