Fix it Up: Useful Tips for Staging Your Home

Quick and Easy: Fix it Up


Get rid of old carpet and replace it with new neutrally colored carpet. This is definitely an investment worth making as buyers love to see new carpet in homes as it provides a clean and new home feel. Make sure your wood flooring is revamped, but there is no need to replace it entirely. Just remove the damaged boards first. Rent a sander from your local hardware store and sand the rest of the boards. Replace the damaged boards and add a wood stain to the entire floor; good as new.


Ensure all walls are clean. Mix one part water and one part bleach and spray the solution on any dirty walls. Any mold and grime will disappear, working particularly well on bathroom walls. When the walls are dry, add a fresh coat of paint if needed.

If you have an outdated wood panel wall, there is no need to replace it. Just fill in the cracks of the panels using a sponge to remove the excess filler. Then paint over the wood and it will blend nicely with the rest of the walls.


Staging your bathrooms is quite easy because of the small space, but it is important to thoroughly clean them. If your showers have glass doors with buildup, just remove the door and create a solution of one part muriatic acid and ten parts water.  Scrub the doors with steel wool and reinstall.

As a general rule of thumb, the vanities have to go. Pedestal sinks are a great and affordable alternative to complete vanities; plus they showcase more floor space making the bathroom appear larger.

Often times, the bathroom tile needs to be replaced. If your bathroom tile needs a little renovation, but will not fit the budget, just clean the tile really well and paint it with a good quality tile paint to make the flooring appear brand new.

Stage your bathroom with baskets, candles and rolled towels for a polished look.


Are your kitchen cabinets outdated? Cabinets are such a large part of the feel of the kitchen, so it’s important they are modernized and clean. An inexpensive alternative to replacing the cabinets is to stain them. Pick up a wood stain and apply even strokes against the grain of the wood. Add new hardware and your cabinets will have an up-to-date look for under $200.


New appliances can prove as a great investment because buyers love new appliances. However, they can be costly to replace, and can be updated with just a little panel re-facing. Stainless steel appliances are very popular. You can update your current appliances with stainless steel stick-covering. Just remove the panels of your appliances, clean them and apply the covering and cut to size. This is a $20 fix that will transform your appliances from outdated to modern.


There is a fine line when it comes to outdoor decks. If you have an old and worn deck, chances are it will deeply hurt the chances of a sale. This is an easy fix with wood stain. Sand the wood and stain for a rustic look. Furnish with patio furniture or a small sofa and chairs to provide an entertaining vibe.

Do you have a brick patio? Give it new life with a quick and light coat of paint. Then spray it lightly with water and dab dry for an outdoor look.

Staging your home is one of the most important elements of a sale and has proven to monumentally increase the amount of the sale with a dedication of time and effort by the seller. Staging does not have to be an expensive endeavor. It is important to notice what needs to be fixed and improved in your home, and ultimately think like the buyer. Create an environment that you could imagine yourself living in if you were to purchase the home.