Gas Pump Woes? Save Money with These Apps!

If you drive a car daily (like many of us living here in San Diego) then you might have noticed the recently surging gas prices that are plaguing California residents. Whether you drive to and from work and you find yourself at the gas station weekly or just filled up your tank after a weekend road trip, it is likely that these astronomical numbers have wreaked havoc on your wallet. While we can’t control the price of fuel, we compiled a list of our favorite apps that will help you to save money elsewhere, to make up for the expense!

  • Since we are on the topic… try GasBuddy, an app the finds you the cheapest gas prices close by.
  • We love Level Money, an app that focuses you on staying in the black by giving real-time updates on your spendable cash throughout the day as you make purchases. 
  • Every time you spend, SavedPlus automatically transfers a designated percentage of the amount of your purchases into your savings account. You choose the percentage, they do the rest!

RedLaser is an app that allows you to scan the bar code of an item and will find the lowest possible price for you to purchase it in stores near you or online.