Make Room for Your Longboard: 5 Steps to Better Storage

Southern California is no stranger to beach-side apartments, condos and residential properties. But because many properties are close to the ocean they can be small and trying to fit surfboards, bikes and the like into a beachside space can be challenging.
Not everyone has the luxury of an attic or unfinished basement to utilize for storage. Because of this, it is important to get creative and put the available space you do have to work for you. Here are five steps to get you on the right track to making room for your lifestyle in any area:

  • Make Way!

Removing any unnecessary clutter will not only make getting clean and organized less frustrating but it will also make for a safer living space long-term. Many California residents enjoy their surfboards, skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, etc. and storing these items on stairs or in passage ways is usually the only option. Before you move into a new place or begin organizing a new area, set aside time to clear the doorways and find creative ways to move them inside, which we explain more in number 4!

  • Let It Go

You should always hold off on purchasing any organizing supplies and additional furniture until you know exactly what needs to be stored in the first place. Reducing clutter is the best way to cut down on the amount of organizing that needs to be done. Sure it’s hard to say goodbye, but purging unnecessary items before taking on a big project will save you time and space in the long run.

  • The Sky’s The Limit

Take your space to the next level by utilizing vertical space. Whether you’re hanging shelves, art, or your surfboard don’t waste any space by staying grounded. This trick adds esthetic value to any residential home in addition to being a practical use of wall space.  By hanging something such as a painting up higher, it will draw the eye up and as a result, make the property appear more expansive.

  • Get Hooked

Popular websites such as Etsy and Pinterest make it easy to get creative with your storage and utilize available space. Whether you dive into more stylish and decorative hardware or grab a handful of nails, hooks can bring items up to eye level and above in an organized way. Hooks and nails can be used to create shelving, decorations, and of course increased storage. Consider using them to make room for bikes, helmets, surfboards, skates, paddles and more.

  • Keep it Light

Maximizing light is the easiest and most cost effective way to make your small space seem larger and more impressive. It is important to hang curtains that fall beside the window when open. A common mistake that many people make in a small space is hanging curtains inside the window frame which obstructs most of the light. A creative solution is hanging curtains from the ceiling which will add height to the space.

Consider hanging your art in glass frames and using mirrors to decorate bare walls. Choose a glass coffee table as opposed to wood or plastic to create reflections.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for an active lifestyle, especially here in Southern California. Pick a neighborhood that makes you happy and keep doing what you love while getting creative with the space you have available.

Are you making moves? Let us help.