Neighborhood Highlight: Windansea Beach + Canter Custom Home Development

Secluded, with the roar of powerful wave breaks caused by underwater reefs and protruding rocks, lays one of the most scenic beaches in Southern California. Windansea Beach is located at the end of Nautilus Street just south of the La Jolla Country Club and some of La Jolla’s ritziest homes, hotels and restaurants. This beach provides breathtaking scenic views exuding a type of natural romance characterized by richly colored sunsets. Windansea is also home to a long standing surf culture that began as early as the 1940s, but only experienced surfers challenge the powerful large waves that break on this shore.

Charmingly elegant neighborhoods surround Windansea, which Canter International, the umbrella company of The Canter Group, is thrilled to currently be constructing one of the most highly innovative homes Windansea Beach has ever seen. Dubbed, Marine Lair, after the sleek design inspired by the ocean, this home is fully equipped with smart home technology, rugged materials from all over the world and cutting edge design. The highlighted features of this home include a rooftop pool, hydraulic driveway and turntable garage, steam room, wine cellar and Koa wood specially selected and imported from Hawaii. Marine Lair is scheduled to be completed by the end of March.

For more information regarding Marine Lair or for interest in attending an open house event please visit